Boer Goats Ranch you are welcome to visit our ranch by APPOINTMENT ONLY call 813-263-7411 @ 6808 S 24th Ave Tampa, FL 33619


Boer Goat Ranch Young Does

We welcome visitors by APPOINTMENT

BTW we rehome goats or if you have any Goats you would like to sell please give us a call – We also have mini pet goats and Pygme Goats for sale.

“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened”

Tampa Florida – 813-263-7411

3/22/17 Pregnancy Toxemia Magic

3/7/16 Great Article on the care of Baby Goats a must read if you have baby goats.

9/13/2015 We had a nice visit from the Luria family today and here is a video of their youngest son feeding my goats

5/04/2018 Family visiting our Ranch and playing with the goats and donkeys

Boer Goat Visitors

Bela had twins on March 17 2015 and she is eight years old. She has trouble with nursing her babies so we have had to bottle feed them. I thought you might be interested in looking at the system we use so here is a picture of it, the bottle holders are made by Zefal and we bought them at WalMart:

2015-03-21 15.52.46

Goat Bloating is common, read “How to treat it”

Our baby goat had the scoures and here’s what we did

Edible & Poisonous Plants for Goats

Information on shipping goats international

July 2013 Professor Bola Adesogan at the University of Florida Animal Science just wrote an article of using Papaya Seed to eliminate Barber Pole Worms

Take a look at my Boer Goats eating Citrus Pellets – 3/7/14 I have stopped feeding Citrus Pellets because they got too expensive.

If your having trouble with worms you might want to check out this book

Raising Boer Goats, How do you get started? Click this link

Boer Goats Ranch developed for showing, FFA and 4H (by the way we have a guarantee “Buy Back Program” for all FFA and 4H Students) and the best meat goat on the planet is what we intend on breeding and raising on our Boer Goats

Sasha showing Motherly love

Ranch. Our Boer Goats Ranch is located in beautiful Tampa Florida. We bought our first Boer Goats in July 2009. If you have some suggestions please leave us a comment. You may reach me at or give a call at 813-263-7411 At this time Feb 2011 we have a herd of thirteen does (eleven full bloods and 2 unregistered ) and a beautiful Full Blood Ruger son Buck, all are Boer Goats. To view a video of our ranch see below. If you would like to get in touch with us you may call at 813-263-7411 or Medication for Goats, folks this is a great website for all of us.

We had a visitor first week of November this year and if you would like to see a short video of this Boa click here.

Boer Goat Vaccination Schedule

CD-T Vaccination

Goat Drugs and Dosages

Boer Goat Illness

Visit “The Goat Spot” for more information on Breeding and Care of Goats

Video or our Boer Goats Ranch – The first Video is our New Feeding System

Annie eating a Tangerine

Boer Goat giving birth

Goat worming Goat Biology A Boa in our backyard Tapeworm Treatment

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