When Buying a Goat – Consider

The Boer Goat is a Meat Goat and not used for milking due to their smaller milk glands, however a friend of mine wrote this article on Milk Goats and there is some good information for any goat buyer.

I just bought two milk goats, and I’m thrilled with them! Are you thinking of a similar purchase? If so, you may want to read up on goats and milking. This article is meant to help new goat owners by giving them an outline of sorts. Think long and hard before buying a goat, but enjoy them if you get one!

Time and commitment

Dairy goats have to be milked every day. If you get one, you must be willing to commit to milking her on schedule every day. Learning to milk is sometimes time consuming too. Making sure that you keep your milking utensils sterile and the goats udder clean is of utmost importance. The care you take with the goat’s milk can make a difference in the taste.

Learn about goats first

Whether you find a mentor with goat experience, read books or the Internet; educate yourself. Find out how to care for your goats. There are many methods to choose from. Pick the one that fits your lifestyle. Join some goat forums like homesteading today, get to know the people there. You’ll be glad you did if an emergency goat problem comes up. The people on goat forums are very helpful.

Find a vet in your area that can treat your goat when needed. Before buying a milk goat, ask the owner if they have had CL, CAE or Johannes tests done. If they have, ask for the paper work. If they haven’t, ask for them to be run before you buy the goats. These are three diseases that can ruin your goat milking experience. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can you handle the financial commitment?

Goats like to eat. Grain and hay prices have steadily been climbing. Can you afford to have a milk goat? You will also need salt, minerals, and occasional vet calls. It all costs money. Make sure you can afford to take good care of your goat before you buy it.

Shelter and companionship

You need shelter for your goat to get in out of the weather. Something that breaks the wind and keeps the rain out. Goats are a herd animal and like to have a companion. If you buy 2 goats, that will be company enough. Some people buy a milking doe and a whether (male that has been neutered).

Keep the numbers down

When starting out in something new. Don’t buy a lot of animals at once. If you buy too many goats, the fun will be gone, and you will feel overwhelmed. Work into it slowly. Learn about the goat and feel comfortable before adding to your herd.

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